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Home Renovation Driven by Innovation 

Experience the future of home transformation with McHugh Realty Group. Our innovative home renovations blend technology and design, turning your space into a modern haven. Trust us to reimagine your living environment, where quality meets creativity for a unique, stylish result.

Our Team is Ready to Start

Get renovation ready with Rachel McHugh architectural design services. Billdr works in partnership with trusted architects to support you with pre-construction planning, design, and permitting plans.


Home renovations by Rachel McHugh

We're ready to help you with pre-construction advice, interior design plans, and permitting support in the greater Chicagoland area.


Learn More About 

Rachel McHugh





Refine your ideas with clear goals, a detailed budget estimate, and an actionable plan to stay on time and on budget.


Project Planning

Design Drawings

Bring your vision to life with the support of an architect who will draft architecture plans, and submit the required documents for permit approval.

Architectural plans


Kickstart construction with detailed plans of your project to show general contractors the work that needs to be done.

Plans and documents for building permits

Construction Plan

Construction plans

& progress

Based on your project scope, you may request on-site supervision by architects to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

The Design Process

Let's Create your DREAM Home

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